Disqualified Drivers


Driving Whilst Disqualified or obtaining a driving licence whilst disqualified is a criminal offence punishable with imprisonment for up to 6 months



This means that you MUST NOT drive any mechanically propelled vehicle anywhere on a "road" in the United Kingdom for the period specified by the Court.

A disqualification takes effect IMMEDIATELY it is announced by the Court. So, if you drove to Court on the day you were disqualified YOU MUST NOT DRIVE HOME AGAIN


On conviction of an offence which carries compulsary disqualification e.g. drink driving, the Court may impose an "interim disqualification", even though you may not have been finally sentenced for the offence. This means that when you are finally sentenced, the period of disqualification then announced will run from the date when the "interim disqualification" was imposed.


DRIVING includes;

Sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle which is being pushed or is in motion

Steering a vehicle which is being towed by another

Doing anything which could be said to be controlling or attempting to control the direction or movement of the vehicle.

MECHANICALLY PROPELLED VEHICLE broadly means anything with a motor including mopeds.

ROAD means any highway or any other road to which the public has access. In the past the Courts have heldthat "road" included a footpath, the forecourt of a Hotel and public car parks

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