Our Fees

No-one likes paying solicitors' fees. But we think you'll be glad you did. Your licence and your livelihood are worth safeguarding, and we will fight to get you the best result.

If you win your case and are acquitted or the case is dropped it is possible in many cases to claim the legal costs back from Central Funds.

We keep our fees as reasonable as we can, and you will find them very competitive. After all, you are getting the services of a real, experienced lawyer, and not just a trainee or a clerk in a call centre. The cheapest service is not usually the best.

We guarantee hand picked specialist barristers and solicitors to represent you.

If you need to discuss fees or payment arrangements we are always willing to talk to potential clients, and can often come to a suitable arrangement.

The services listed below are just some of the things we can do for you, and an indication of what is involved. Call us on 0800 389 4832 or email us on enquiries@birdandco.co.uk to discuss how we can help you.


Where we will tell you if you have a possible defence or that you are able to challenge the prosecution evidence. If you require representation we will tell you at this stage.


If we genuinely believe that you will be assisted with a Solicitor's letter in Court thereby negating the necessity of personal attendance we will provide this.


It may well be that we will have to attend with you and present an argument upon your behalf, usually where you are at risk of disqualification having either accumulated 9 points or exceeded the speed limit in excess of 30mph


If you happen to have inadequate representation in the Magistrates Court and find yourself disqualified from driving, we will lodge your appeal and apply to have the disqualification suspended pending the outcome of your appeal. Thereafter we will arrange for one of our retained Barristers to present your case at appeal for a small extra charge.


Many cases are triable and covered with the assistance of a Representation Order (Legal Aid).

For the few cases (including speeding) which are not covered we will enter into an arrangement with you or charge by the hour.

Where successful, we will make a claim for your costs from Central Funds.


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Motoring Offences Fees – Magistrates Court

The following offences are Summary only motoring offences which are dealt with at a single hearing.

For Half a Day at Court

Senior Solicitor - £450 plus VAT

Partner - £600 plus VAT

Full Day at Court

Senior Solicitor - £800 plus VAT

Partner - £1,100 plus VAT

Additional Costs include

Travel Time to Court £50 plus VAT per hour

Travel costs to Court 45p per mile by car or public transport costs

Price Includes

Price Does not Include

Your Court date will either be set by the police following arrest or by summons by the Court.

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