Amanda Del A Hey - Lincoln

I contacted A1 road traffic lawyers. I completed the questionnaire and they arranged for a solicitor to meet me in Daventry Magistartes Court. I confirmed my name and address in court and the prosecution opened their case, only for it to fail on a submission. I was acquitted and had my costs met from Central Funds!

Mr S. Sibsey Nr Boston

I contacted Stuart at A1 with reference to a speeding offence in South Wales. I was at risk of losing my licence with it already having 9 points on it. Stuart actually took me to Abervagenny Magistrates Court and kept my licence"

Mr H. Spalding Lincolnshire

The cameras had certainly caught up with me as a long distance lorry driver! I was caught five times in a matter of three weeks across the country. A1 arranged for all of the summonses to be listed in one court and after pleading guilty I kept my licence even with 16 penalty points. - Thank you A1

Mrs E from Stevenage

Thank you so much! I was at risk of losing my small business if I had not kept my driving licnce. The guys at A1 were so good!

Mrs B from Uppingham

I cannot fault the service provided!

The Reverand Hempsall - Donington

I cannot thank you enough!

I thought I would be off the road for 6 months but I am still driving! Thanks to Chris and his team!


Mr D - Bedford

I was always wary of coming into contavt with solicitors, thinking, wrongly now, that they would fleece me! A1 saved my licence, my job and, more importantly my mortgage! Thank you to Chris, Jerry and the team - no hassle and no ban!

Miss G. Milton Keynes

Oh my God! Thankyou Stuart!

Mr Pallett of Donington Commercials

I received a notice asking who the driver of my vehicle was. I had no idea!! I passed all the information to Stuart and he took the case on. After a trial in Lincoln Magistrates Court on 12th January 2007 I was acquitted after 18 mins. Top job Stuart!... (And his costs were met from Central Funds!)

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